Moguls defeat Hawks… Barely

The Hawks traveled to Edgemont to take on the Moguls in the first game of the 2014 Panhandle Conference. The game was a nail-biter the whole time. Hay Springs was looking for their first win.

The Hawks were leading at the half by double digits. At one point after half, the Moguls scored 12 unanswered points quickly, catching the Hawks lead. At the end of the third, the game was close. In the last minutes of the game, the teams went back and forth scoring points but ended up tied at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Moguls did not slow down. They got a small lead in overtime and kept it throughout, winning by two points.

The game was a hard-fought game and the Hawks went on to play the Morrill Lions. This would be the second time Hay Springs has taken on the Lions this season.

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