Hawks vs Coyotes

The Hay Springs Hawks played on Saturday against the Potter-Dix Coyotes.  The hawks had a three game stretch and in the final game they played the best they had played all year. The hawks were only down by five at the half. The final score of the game was Potter-Dix 62 Hay Springs 47. The Leading scorers for the hawks are Eli Badje with a total of 14 points and Jordan Encinia with 12 points. The top rebounders for the hawks were Jordan Encinia with 9 and Eli Badje with 8 and Seth Nowak with 6 rebounds. Austin Reed and Jordan Encinia had the most steals for the hawks with 4 apiece.  The most assists were led by Jordan Encinia and Matt Hessler both with three assists a piece. After this game the hawks are ready to play in the Panhandle conference tournament, the hawks are set to play on Tuesday in Edgemont against Edgemont. The game time is set for 6:45pm.

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