Music Notes

music notes1We are NOT doing practice records this year!  Yes, you heard right, NO PRACTICE RECORDS!  Instead I am implementing a program called “Band Ninja.”  This is an opportunity for students to earn different levels of “belts” (really they are ribbons) that they will tie around their instrument as badges of honor.  Any 6th-8th grade student has a copy of the requirements to earn belts.  If they earn all belts they will have the opportunity to become a “band ninja.” We already have white belt players and several who are now attempting their yellow belt!

We have a new opportunity offered this year called the “After School Band Club (ASBC). ” Mrs. Mikaila Reimer or myslef will be in the music room from 4:15-5:00 Monday-Wednesday for ANY student who is struggling or who wishes to earn a belt for the “band ninja” program.  Of course those overachievers who are pages ahead of the rest of us are also be welcome if they come across something they don’t understand.  We have a few weeks under our belt and have found it to be a huge success!  It’s so encouraging to see the band room filled with 6-10 students every night either looking for help or trying to earn a belt!

The high school band is planning a trip in May of 2014 to Kansas City.  This trip will be at the cost of each student.  We will continue to fundraise, right now we are signed up to do several concession stands this fall-only students who help in the concession stand will receive a portion of the proceeds.  Students can make payments into their accounts held here at the school. Deposits can be turned into Mrs. Varvel.  The trip is projected to cost less than $500 a student; I highly recommend that students try to save or fundraise $200 a quarter. Students who began fund raising last year and/or made payments over the summer have been given a copy of what they currently have in their account.  Stay tuned for more details!

Watch future newsletters for Christmas concert dates!


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