One Lost Dream

Hay Springs native Austin Weyers was raised on a farm south of town.  While growing up on Mirage Flats, Austin attended District #30 school.

His grandparents have raised sheep and goats for several years.  Austin has built his own little herd of goats as the years have gone by.

Even though Austin played sports in high school he found the time to spend with his goats.  Austin even has shown his goats in 4-H.  To care for his goats does take time and money for the feed that they eat.  They eat a lot of alfalfa and a pail of grain each day.  After last year, alfalfa has become harder to find and is very expensive.

Now Austin is faced with having to sell his goats.  Austin will be leaving shortly to attend college at Mitchell, South Dakota.  He doesn’t want to sell them but he needs the money for college.  When asked how he felt about this, he said “I’m very upset to have to sell my dream herd.”

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