Girls’ Basketball Wrap-up

Basketball Preview2012-13 was a year of highs and lows. After five consecutive trips to Lincoln, expectations have been very high for the Lady Hawks. With the loss of several perennial all staters over those last five years, one always wonders who will fill those shoes. This was the year to find ourselves, to create a new identity.

Though our losses outweighed our wins, most of our defeats were decided by only a couple of possessions. These close losses were disheartening but they told us that we could be competitive, that every possession is important and that excellence is not always measured by exceptional plays but by consistent execution. While some of these games were uninspiring, some of our wins were the most exciting and gratifying times of the whole year.  Towards the end of the year, the girls were playing well and greatly expanded on their win column. I believe many of them were coming to find their roles and becoming more confident and aggressive with each competition.

It will be hard to lose our four seniors next year, not only because of their game contributions, but because of the close friendships and strong leadership. We all know this is how high school athletics, and life, goes. Seasons come and go. They each have their own memories, strengths, weaknesses, trials and laughter.  No circumstance will ever be repeated. That is what makes each year special, the wonder of what is to come and the excitement of what may be. So here’s to the Lady Hawks of 2012-13 and to those who will follow.


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