4th Grade Students Begin Band

music notes1Any household with a 4th grade student should be hearing the toot of a new instrument!  Please remember that music students 4th-8th grade are expected to practice at least 60 minutes a week.  Parents are suppose to sign the practice record on Sunday of each week so their students can turn them in for a grade.

Beginning Band Schedule: Each week we will have individual sectionals with the different families of instruments.  On Mondays I will meet with the woodwinds (flutes, clarinets & Alto Sax’s); on Tuesdays I will work with the Brass instruments (Trumpets, Trombones & Baritones) on Wednesdays I will be with the percussionist and then on Thursday we will have a full band rehearsal!  Please help your beginning band students remember their supplies (instrument & book) for band rehearsal on their assigned days.

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