Winning the Scholarship Game

Follow these tips to increase your chances of earning scholarships:

Don’t pay for scholarship searches. Use free resources such as ScholarshipQuest at with over 2,000 Nebraska-based scholarships. Free national sites include Fastaid, Scholarship Monkey,, School Soup, and

Visit your guidance counselor often for information about local scholarships.

Place scholarship applications in deadline order. Local awards and college-specific applications deserve top priority because you’re more likely to earn them.

Update your activities, honors, community service or paid jobs using the Activities Resume at

Earn the best possible ACT/SAT scores by taking the exam in the spring of your junior year and again in the fall of your senior year.

Use quality references such as a teacher, coach or counselor. Encourage them to write specific examples of your leadership skills. Give them advance notice and a specific deadline.

Tailor your essay to the scholarship.  Ask an English teacher to read your essay and offer advice on making a big impact.  Your essay will need to stand out from other applications.

Pay close attention to grammar, spelling and neatness. Ask at least two people to proofread your entire application.

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