Music Notes

With year 1 under my belt, I can’t wait to get started on year 2!  Already there are several new additions and new performance opportunities taking place in the music department.

Let’s start with swing choir.  Mrs. Beth Jungck is going to be co-directing this group with me!  We held auditions last spring before school was out.  The 2012-2013 swing choir consists of: Kate Roberts, Brook Scherbarth, Jen Scherbarth, Zoe Schneider , Jordan Encinia, Nate Letcher, Shane Vifquain  & Austin Weyers.  We will again be practicing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:15-7:55.  Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, August 16th.

I am extremely excited with what is happening in our instrumental department.  Numbers are on the rise and I am looking forward to seeing how this group will progress through the year.  I’m hoping you will see a little more of this group!  Right off the bat we will be playing the Star Spangled Banner at the Friendly Festival parade.

Beginning band is making a move into the school day vs. being held after school, which is exciting news for all of us!  The time has not been set in stone yet, but rest assured it will be by the time the students hit the door on the first day of school!  Notes will be sent home with the 5th grade students containing all the information needed that first week of school!

Several groups will be going over to Gordon for the Willow Tree Festival on Sunday, September 9th.  I’m planning on the elementary fun camp swing choir kids performing their “Disney Spectacular” show (we will hold several refresher rehearsals once school is in session), as well as the high school swing choir performing new material we will begin working on right away!  We will be performing from 3:25-4:00 pm.  As the details get all worked out I will be in contact with the students who will be performing!

Another exciting addition to the music department is the addition of the preschool.  If you have a student enrolled in the preschool at the school I am so excited that they will be spending a part of their day with me in the music room!  We will be dancing, singing and playing instruments on a regular basis!  I can’t wait to get started working with these kiddos!

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