2017 Hay Springs Basketball Camp

2017 Hay Springs Basketball Camp

June 9-10

2 Sessions

Session 1: Grades 3-6

Session 2: Grades 7-12

Boys and girls in the grades above are welcome and encouraged to attend this two day camp. This camp will provide athletes with the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, passing, defensive skills, sportsmanship, and rules of the game. The camp will be conducted by Hay Springs girls basketball coaches Jason Badje and Nichole Sherburne and Hay Springs boys basketball coach Josh Borm. High school athletes will be asked to help run the camp for session 1.



Session 1 will run from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on June 9-10

Session 2 will run from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. on June 9-10


The camp will take place in the Lister-Sage Community Center


$20 for each athlete participating

Family deal: $20 for the first athlete and $10 for any siblings participating

Make checks payable to Jason Badje, Nichole Sherburne or Josh Borm

Payments will be accepted any time before June 9 or prior to the camp on this date.

Expected Schedule

Session 1

10:00 Warm up

10:10-11:10 Stations (10 minutes each)

Station 1: Lay ups

Station 2: Jump shooting

Station 3: Rebounding

Station 4: Ball handling

Station 5: Defense

Station 6: Free throws

11:10 Water break

11:15 Full court 5 on 5

11:50 Free throw contest




Session 2

1:00 Warm up

1:10 Daily Dozen

1:20 Full court lay ups

1:30 3 line shooting

1:40 Stations (10 minutes each)

Station 1: post work

Station 2: Guard/wing work

Station 3: Rebounding

Station 4: Defense

2:20 Continuous 3 on 2

2:40 Full court 5 on 5

3:30 Shooting games (free throw, jump shots)

3:50 Dribble knockout


Registration form




Grade (entering fall of 2017):


Emergency Contact


Relationship to player:

Phone number:

Allergies or other medical conditions:


I approve of my child’s attendance at the Hay Springs Basketball Camp and certify that he or she is in good health and able to participate in all activities. Hay Springs coaching staff and Hay Springs Schools are not liable for any injuries that may occur.


Printed name:










Boys Basketball Subdistrict Bracket at Crawford 2/21/17

Boys Basketball Sub-district Bracket at Crawford 2/21/17

Girls Basktball Subdistrict D2-12 Bracket @ Sioux County on 2/14/2017

Girls Basktball Subdistrict D2-12 Bracket @ Sioux County

Saturday, February 18th – JH B/BB Gordon/Rushville Invite Bracket

JH B/BB Gordon/Rushville Invite Bracket

Junior High Boys Basketball PANCO Bracket for Monday, January 30th in Crawford

JH Boys Basketball PANCO Bracket 

Panhandle Athletic Conference 2016-2017 Varsity Tournament Schedule

2016-2017 Girls Varsity PANCO Basketball

2016-2017 Boys Varsity PANCO Basketball

Hay Springs Boys Basketball Team Apparel

BSN Sports has developed a team shop for the Hay Springs Basketball team and I wanted to relay the information to you in case you were interested in purchasing apparel. The catalog is attached. For a better view of the items and to order them, go to bsnsports.com and click on MY TEAM SHOP at the top of the page. Then it will ask for an access code and you will enter hawks6A2K and you can view and order these items if you’d like. They are due by January 16. Please forward this on to anyone you feel might be interested and please text or call with any questions. Thank you!

Hay Springs Boys Basketball Team Apparel

HS G/B BB and HS Wrestling events for this weekend have been postoned!

HS G/B BB for this weekend at McPherson County have been postponed to Dec. 22nd due to predicted weather. There will be no JV games. Girls Varsity will begin at 3:30 Mountain time followed by Boys Varsity. Also, high school wrestling will not be traveling to Sidney this weekend because of weather.

JH G/BB PANCO Bracket in Hemingford, December 12th


GAME #1 9:00 am Crawford vs Hay Springs

GAME #2 Sioux County vs St. Agnes

GAME #3 Morrill vs Edgemont

GAME #4 GAME #1 Winner vs GAME #2 Winner

GAME #5 Hemingford vs GAME #3 Winner

15 Minute Break

GAME #6 Championship             GAME #4 Winner vs.    GAME #5 Winner


GAME #1            __________

Hay Springs

                                GAME #4                    __________


Sioux County

GAME #2            __________

St. Agnes

                                                                    Championship                    __________

Morrill                                                  Warm-up will start 15 minutes after GAME#5

GAME #3            __________


                                 GAME #5                     __________


Girls Hawks Basketball are selling T-shirts – Orders due by Dec. 7th

2016 – Girls Basketball Shirts

Anyone interested in buying one can find a basketball girl or Ms. Sherburne.  All orders and money have to be in before the 8th. We are not ordering a shirt if it is not paid for.