To contact a member of our staff, please email them using the format: (Please note that all names must be lowercase.)

Administrative Staff
Russell Lechtenberg Superintendent, Budget and Finance
Mark Hagge PK-12 Principal
Kim Marx Guidance Counselor, Director of Student Services, Special Education Director, IEP Reviews, Standardized Testing Coordinator
Staci Wolken Business Manager/Accountant/Payroll & Administrative Assistant
Adriene Kelly Administrative & A.D. Secretary, Office Manger/Receptionist, Student Services, Activity Travel, Custodial and General Supply Ordering, Substitutes, Hot Lunch Accounting Medical Admin
Linda Kudrna Activities/Athletic Director
Larel Reimann Technology Director, DL & Online Learning Facilitator, E-Rate, Digital Safety & Security
Academic Instructional Faculty
Jessica Sherlock Early Childhood
Jessica Mintken Kindergarten
Kyli Heiting 1st Grade
Crystal Vander May 2nd Grade
Emma Strotheide 3rd Grade
Sammy Meeks 4th Grade
Jessie Anderson 5th Grade
Jason Badje Careers/Tech 8th, Construction I & II, Home Maintenance, Woods & Metals, Drafting & Woods 3
Heidi Beguin English 9th-12th, Creative Writing/Literature, Journalism
Brad Bounous World History, American History, American Gov’t, World Geography, Social Studies 7th & 8th
Jodie Garrett Reading 6th, Math 6th, ML A+ Math, Social Studies 6th
Paula Holtmeier K-12 Special Education/Title, Careers/Life/Tech 6th, A+ Reading, Study Skills
Linda Kudrna Reading 7th & 8th, English 6th, 7th, & 8th
Russell Lechtenberg Intro to Ag Science, Ag Business Management
Melissa Sommerville Personal Finance, Careers/Tech 7th, Intro to Business/Economics, Accounting/Computer Science
Rachel Mandelko PK-12 Physical Education
Nichole Marcy Title I Teacher/Coordinator, Reading 6th, Elementary Reading, English 6th, Elementary Title, Library
Carole Matthews K-12 Library
Kim Marx 7th, 8th, & 9th Science, Guidance Counselor
Kodi Young Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geometry, Algebra II, Math IV
Raime Varvel ML Fine Arts/Band, 5th Grade Band, Choir, Elementary Music, HS Band
Cara McKillip Paraprofessional
Stacie Palmer Paraprofessional
Mindie Starke Paraprofessional
Twila Weyers Paraprofessional
Cafeteria Staff
Jen Young Food Service Manager/Head Cook
Karen Kozal Assistant Food Service Manger/Head Cook
Ricky Wohl Head Custodian, Maintenance
Nathaniel Cochran Assistant Custodian, Lister-Sage
Ghita Dykes Assistant Custodian
Ricky Wohl Transportation Supervisor, Bus Route and Activity driver
Nichole Marcy Cross Country
Mark Hagge Football Head Coach
Logan Paben Football Assistant Coach
Sonny Salazar Jr. High Football Coach
Lisa Merritt Volleyball Head Coach
Sarah Badje Volleyball Assistant Coach
Kerisa Marx Jr. High Volleyball Coach
Ron Olson Girls Basketball Head Coach
Linda Kudrna Girls Basketball Assistant Coach
Nichole Marcy Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach
Isaac Hughes Boys Basketball Head Coach
Catie Williams Boys Basketball Assistant Coach
Jason Badje Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach
Jason Badje Golf Coach
Chuck McCance High School Wrestling Coach
Mark Hagge Jr. High Wrestling Coach
Bert Newman High School Track Head Coach
Logan Paben Jr. High Track Coach
Activity Sponsors
Melissa Sommerville FBLA
Crystal Vander May Elementary High Ability Learners
Mark Hagge Student Council
Heidi Beguin National Honor Society, HS High Ability Learners, Yearbook, Elders’ Wisdom
Sarah Badje ML High Ability Learners
Brad Bounous High School Quiz Bowl, One Act Play
Raime Varvel Choir & Music Programs, Speech
Rachel Mandelko Hawk Store
Russell Lechtenberg FFA
Class Sponsors
Brad Bounous Seniors – Class of 2021
Kim Marx Juniors – Class of 2022
Raime Varvel Sophomores – Class of 2023
Rachel Mandelko Freshmen – Class of 2024
Jodie Garrett & Nichole Marcy 6th Grade – Class of 2027, 7th Grade – Class of 2026, 8th Grade – Class of 2025


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