To contact a member of our staff, please email them using the format: (Please note that all names must be lowercase.)

Administrative Staff
Russell Lechtenberg Superintendent/Principal PK-12
Kim Marx Assistant Principal PK-12; Curriculum, Assessment, & NSSRS Facilitator; Counselor; Early Childhood Director
Staci Wolken Business Manager/Accountant/Payroll & Administrative Assistant
Adriene Kelly Administrative & A.D. Secretary, Officer Manger/Receptionist, Student Services, Substitutes, Medical Admin
Academic Instructional Faculty
Jessica Sherlock Early Childhood, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Jessica Mintken Kindergarten, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Kyli Heiting 1st Grade, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Crystal Vander May 2nd Grade, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Emma Strotheide 3rd Grade, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Sammy Meeks 4th Grade, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Jessie Anderson 5th Grade, Before School/Breakfast/Lunch/Recess/After School
Jason Badje Careers/Tech 8, Construction I & II, Home Maintenance, Woods & Metals, Drafting & Woods 3
Valorie Bila Algebra I & II, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trig & Stats, A+ Math
Josh Borm Math 6th, 7th, & 8th, Algebra I, Science 7th, Elementary Title
Jodie Garrett ACT & Scholarship Prep, Science 6th, A+ Writing, Social Studies 6th & 7th, Elementary Computers
Paula Holtmeier K-12 Special Education, Elementary Reading, A+Math, A+ Reading, Study skills
Brad Bounous World History, American History, American Gov’t, Elementary Title, Geography, Social Studies 8
Linda Kudrna Reading 7th & 8th, A+ Reading, English 7th & 8th; Activities Director
Melissa Lein Personal Finance, Careers/Tech 7th, Intro to Business, Accounting, Video Production
Rachel Mandelko 6th-8th PE/Health, & Health, 9th-12th PE/Health, Advanced PE/Health, Elementary PE/Health
Nichole Marcy Title I Teacher/Coordinator, Reading 6th, Elementary Reading, English 6th, Elementary Title
Carole Matthews K-12 Library, Career Tech 6
Kodi Young Earth Science, Science 9th, Chemistry, Biology I, A & P, Science 8th
Larel Reimann Tech. Coordinator and IT Support, DL & Online Facilitator, E-rate, and Digital Safety & Security
Robin Shimek English 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Creative Writing/Literature, Journalism I & II
Raime Varvel Elementary Title, Middle School: Music, Fine Arts & Band, HS Band, HS Choir, Elementary Music PK-5,
Kate Davis General Ed-Paraprofessional, DL Supervision, Custodian Assistance, Office Support, Kitchen Helper Breakfast/Lunch/Recess Duty
Mindie Starke Special Education -Paraprofessional, Breakfast/Lunch/Recess Duty
Twila Weyers Title I – Paraprofessional, DL Supervision, Breakfast/Lunch/Recess, Elementary Art
Cafeteria Staff
Wendy Andersen Food Manager/Head Cook
Karen Kozal Assistant Food Manger/Head Cook
Ricky Wohl Head Custodian, Maintenance, Transportation Supervisor Assistant, Substitute Route & Activity Bus Driver, and Lunch/Recess duty
Kayla Wagnitz Assistant Custodian, Lister-Sage, Kitchen Helper,
Aaron Huckfeldt Transportation Supervisor, Substitute Bus Route and Activity drive
Ricky Wohl Transportation Supervisor Assistant, Substitute Bus Route and Activity driver
Jim Abbott Bus Route and Activity driver
Sandi Abbott Bus Route and Activity driver
Linda Kudrna Activities Director
Nichole Marcy Cross Country Coach
Josh Borm Football – Head Coach
Isaac Hughes Football – Assistant Coach
Cody Ehrman Football – Jr. High Coach
Kim Davis Volleyball – Head Coach
Maaryn Davis Volleyball – Assistant Coach
Kerisa Marx Volleyball – Jr. High Coach
Jason Badje Girls Basketball – Head Coach
Bryan Denton Girls Basketball – Assistant Coach
Linda Kudrna Girls Basketball – Jr. High Coach
Josh Borm Boys Basketball – Head Coach
Logan Paben Boys Basketball – Assistant Coach
Brennan Miller Boys Basketball – Jr. High Coach
Jason Badje Golf – Coach
Chuck McCance Wrestling – Jr. High and High School Head Coach
Joe McCance Wrestling – Jr. High and High School Assistant Coach
Bert Newman Track – High School Head Coach
Mariah Nelson Track – High School Assistant Coach
Logan Paben Track – Jr. High Coach
Activity Sponsors
Carole Matthews Accelerated Reader
Robin Shimek National Honor Society
Brad Bounous One Act Play
Brad Bounous Quiz Bowl
Paula Holtmeier Student Council
Raime Varvel Choir
Robin Shimek Yearbook
Melissa Lein FBLA
Class Sponsors
Brad Bounous Seniors – Class of 2019
Kim Marx Juniors – Class of 2020
Raime Varvel Sophomores – Class of 2021
Rachel Mandelko Freshmen – Class of 2022
Nichole Marcy 8th Grade – Class of 2023
Jodie Garrett 7th Grade – Class of 2024
Josh Borm 6th Grade – Class of 2025

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