Fire Safety Week

Three members of the Hay Springs Volunteer Fire Department took time out of their day to meet with elementary students for Fire Safety Week. Craig Housh, Matt Anderson, and Terry Bronson talked with students about the importance of knowing what to do in case of a fire. Please review your family’s plan with your child including: a safe meeting location, how to call 911, knowing their home address, and having a safe exit out of the house.

Flexible Seating

Second Grade teacher Mrs. Vander May signed her class up for a Donors Choose project asking for donations for flexible seating. Last week the donations were met including a donation of magazine and box tops fundraising. The second grade classroom has a complete set of unique seats for each student to use! Using these different types of seats we hope to gain muscle strength and balance, and have the ability to let their little bodies wiggle while focusing. Thank you to everyone who donated and helped fund-raise!

2nd Grade Post Office Field Trip

Second grade asked for a Scholastic book sponsor to provide $9 for each student to receive a dollar book each month for the rest of the year.  We had an overwhelming group of sponsors from Hay Springs, Nebraska to Oklahoma! So we practiced our friendly letters, wrote “thank you” letters, took a class picture of everyone with their new books, and finally made an exciting trip to the post office to stamp, send, and sort our letters as we learned how postal workers are community helpers! We also found our personal mailboxes from the postal worker side!

4th Grade Eggsperiment

“Eggsperiment is how we test items to help in a crash. Like airbags.”

Dot Day 2018

Dot Day is September 15th-ish. Officially it is the 15th, but if you can’t do it on that day, you do it when you can. We are reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and creating different dot projects. The Dot is the story of a girl who thinks she can’t draw, but an understanding art teacher gives her the courage and creativity to draw numerous dots. She passes this message on to a small boy who says “I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler.” Click on Dot Day to see the students’ work. Different projects will be added all week so continue to check in.

Building Bridges

The Hay Springs Elementary fourth grade class has been busy working on engineering to make safe bridges.  Take a look at the pictures below!

Kindergarten Cartographers

Kindergarten made a map of Hay Springs and then went for a walk to the grocery store to see if the map worked! We made it down and back and our map was right!

Flag Etiquette

Today the 5th graders welcomed Lieutenant Mullis to their class to talk to them about flag etiquette. After he gave us a brief history of the flag and its symbols, he showed us the correct way to fold the American Flag. We were very honored to have him as our guest.

Elementary Theatrics

-Have a good laugh and watch the third graders perform their Fabulously Funny Idiom Plays Wednesday, May 16th, at 4:30 in the pit area of the cafeteria.  Open to the public.

-Fifth grade will be presenting a reader’s theater next Wednesday, May 23rd, at about 10:30 in the pit if your class would like to watch.  Should last about 20 minutes I’m guessing.

5th Grade Solar Energy Experiment — Community Feedback

The fifth graders have been investigating solar energy.  Today, we conducted an experiment to learn which earth materials,  dry soil, wet soil, water, or rocks,  collect and store solar energy most efficiently.  We first placed each cup of material in the sun for 20 minutes, then moved the cups to a shady area where we recorded the temperature every 3 minutes for 21 minutes.  So…which material do you think collected and stored the most solar energy? And which material lost the most solar energy?  Leave your guesses in the comments!