Second Grade Grinches

Learning got Grinchy today in second grade!

We studied the story, picked out the problem and solution, and talked about how the Grinch changed his behavior and made a good choice to be KIND. We look up to the Grinch for having a change of heart and choosing to be kind!

We had phonics Grinch style with green pencils and talked in Grinch voices! We made a diagram of the Grinch, wrote the room with words that start with g (especially our sight words!) and we did some Grinchy math!

Parents Make The Difference Dec. 2020 Newsletter

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Parents make the difference! December 2020 newsletter

Parents make the difference! December 2020 calendar

Building Readers Dec. 2020 Newsletter

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Building Readers Elementary Newsletter(12/2020)
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Thank You To Our Community

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Elementary’s School Store Fundraiser. We were completely overwhelmed with the generosity of our community. Students were asked to share the fundraising information with family and friends via email. Anyone wanting to participate in the fundraiser could purchase items, magazines, or make a monetary donation to a specific classroom. Here are a few snapshots of some of the items we were able to purchase for our students to use in our classrooms.

Thanks again, The Elementary Teachers and Students

Dictionaries For Third Grade

Every year the Gordon Lions Club provides every third grade student at Hay Springs with their very own dictionary. Today was our LUCKY day and we received our wonderful gift. These dictionaries are greatly appreciated and used continually throughout the school year. The Third Grade Classroom sends a big THANK YOU out to the Gordon Lions Club for doing this.

Spiders! Oh My!

First grade explored spiders this week. We compared fiction and non-fiction reading selections about spiders, wrote spider Haikus, learned about different types of spiders and even made our own running/jumping spiders.