Creative Kiddos Summer Camp

This summer camp is over for the year. We, once again, had a blast with our Creative Kiddos. They have made watercolor paints, watching it fizz as we mix vinegar and baking soda, and marveling over the strange consistency of the mixture, both liquid and solid at the same time. They mixed primary colors, learning how to make a rainbow of colors for their paints with only three colors to start with.

We made silly putty, enjoying getting our hands all gooey until it suddenly turned firm and dry. Once again mixing colors, both in the process of making and in combining everyones finished products.

We have painted with frozen paint, milk and chalk, tape and even regular old paint. The week is finished but we had a great time and hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer.

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Stop Motion Summer Camp

At the Stop Motion Summer Camp, the campers used a camera we built to make movies using Lego actors.  Here are some of the results of their work!

Ever and Jaycek Videos

Gage and Noah Videos

Javan, Kaden, and Sam Videos

Group Videos

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Elders’ Wisdom 2016 Video Available

The video production class is proud to present this years Elders’ Wisdom program!


HSTV Newscast

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From the Counselor’s Desk

2016 BHECN High School Ambassador Conference

Car, Truck & Semi Show @ Southeast Community College

Even More Financial Aid 101!

More financial aid training is available through WNCC, please click the link to the flyer below to learn more!

Financial Aid 101 – WNCC

Financial Aid 101 on January 20, 2016

financialaidWednesday, January 20, 2016 — Please join us with EducationQuest to learn about the Financial Aid Process.  We will be meeting in the Distance Learning Lab Classroom at 5pm.  If you have questions please contact Heather Cline at 638-4434 or

Update: If you are unable to make it to the January 20 meeting, Gordon/Rushville will be having the same meeting tonight, January 13, at 5:30 pm in their Cafeteria.

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Discover WNCC

Discover WNCCSave the date for discover WNCC – 01/25/16!  At discover WNCC, learn more about one of the most affordable colleges in the region.  Tour the campus and learn more about programs of study, CollegeNOW! opportunities, student life, and financial aid/scholarships available.  This is not a HSPS event and students will be responsible for their own transportation should they choose to attend.

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HSTV — One Act Play

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Hay Springs Public School on Twitter

Follow Us!Beginning January 2016, Hay Springs Public Schools will be tweeting game scores, general information, current education topics, and lots of other information.  Make sure to follow us @HSPublicSchool on Twitter and use the hashtag #hayspringshawks when talking about us!  Remember this is social media and your comments will be available for everyone to see, please practice good digital citizenship when tweeting.

If you are not on Twitter, go to and click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner to begin the process.

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